Lahore Leads University Fee Structure 2024 Required For Admission

Lahore Leads University is one of the leading universities in Pakistan. So here is Lahore Leads University Fee Structure 2024 Required For Admission LLU holds a very reputational and renowned place in the educational sector with very clear and great mission and is considered as highly valued educational institute that assures the full engagement of students in the learning process through different methods used by highly qualified teachers and professors. Through the Innovative styles of teaching empowering the younger to achieve astonishing and amazing things not only in the local market but also in the international market with their exceptional work in life and find the ways that are not established.

Lahore Leads University claims to have an extraordinary learning atmosphere that transmit traditional values in a very polite manner and have the capacity to deal with a situation like COVID-19 in a flexible way with the cooperation of students. Lahore Leads University offers so many programs. Lahore leads university Fee Structure 2024 will so mentioned under.

Lahore leads university Fee Structure 2024 is varying for the local students and overseas students. Students should consider the fee structure over here in detail. The regular programs, private programs, long-distance program, online programs that Lahore Leads University offers to keep updated

Lahore Leads University Fee Structure 2024 Required For Admission

On this page with the passage of time to stay updated consider this page regularly. Here is the detail of the programs, fee structure, and duration.

BBA (H) Business Administration                     4 yr       170000

BS (HONS) Computer Science                           4 yr        180000

BS Economics                                                    4 yr         140000

B.ED Elementary Education                              4 yr

BS English                                                         4 yr        140000

BS Entrepreneurship                                          4 yr        140000

BS in Hotel Management                                    4 yr

BS (IT)                                                              4 yr        180000

BS (IR)                                                              4 yr        140000

BS IN international Relation                               4 yr        140000

BS Islamic studies                                              4 yr        140000

LLB                                                                   5yr

BS IN Mass Communication                              4 yr        160000

B.SC IN Math                                                    2 yr         140000

PHARM.D-Pharmacy                                         5 yr

BS In Political science                                       4 yr        140000

BS Psychology                                                  4 yr        140000

BS Sociology                                                      4 yr        140000

BS (H) software engineering                                4 yr        196000

BS in sports science & physical education         4 yr        140000

BS in Urdu                                                          4 yr        140000

MSC computer science                                        2 yr         180000

M.SC Economic                                                         2 yr          140000

MA education                                                             2 yr          140000

MA English                                                                2 yr          140000

MA (elt)                                                                     2 yr          130000

MIT (IT)                                                                     2 yr          180000

MA international relation                                            2 yr          140000 Mass Communication                                         2 yr          160000 math                                                                   2 yr          140000

MA political science                                                   2 yr          140000 psychology                                                         2 yr          140000

MA sociology                                                             2 yr          140000 sports science & physical education                 2 yr          140000

MA Urdu                                                                   2 yr          140000

MBA (EXE) business administration                       2 yr          181500

MBA business administration                                  1.5         181500

M.PHIL CIVIL                                                           2 yr          181500

MS computer science                                                  2 yr          181500

MS ECONOMICS                                                     2 yr          181500

M.PHIL education                                                      2 yr          181500

M.PHIL electrical                                                        2 yr          161500

M.PHIL English language &literature                          2 yr          181500

M.PHIL information technology                                 2 yr          181500

M.PHIL international language &political science     2 yr          161500

M.PHIL Islamic studies                                               2 yr          141500

M.PHIL management science                                      2 yr          181500

M.PHIL mass communication                                   2 yr          161500

M.PHIL math                                                           2 yr          181500

M.PHIL psychology                                                 2 yr          161500

M.PHIL sociology                                                    2 yr          161500

M.PHIL Urdu                                                          2 yr          181500

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For further details visit this page. The last date for admissions is 27-8- 24 after this date admissions will be closed international students should consult Lahore leads university office for the seats because of selected students will be allowed to apply for admission according to their qualifications Lahore Leads University Fee Structure 2024 Required For Admission. Lahore leads university Fee Structure 2024 In detail mentioned here if students need information regarding scholarships so consult our page for detailed descriptions.


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