Malam Jabba Ski Resort Swat 2017 Pictures, Weather, Hotels, Chair Lift

One thing is for sure that your trip to this heavenly place of Swat will be incomplete if you will not be visiting this Malam Jabba site. It is one of a fascinating places in Pakistan or you can say in the whole world. It is the heavenly place in Pakistan, if you ever been to Swat then you should not miss out this Malam Jabba site. Here, you will be getting in hand more information about this place, check out the below-written details:

Facts about Malam Jabba

  • For the information, this Malam Jabba is about 44 km from Mingora. It is modern hill resort. It comes with the surrounded mountains. You will love its natural attraction. This place comes with the amazing looking and striking looking features of the landscape.

Personal Visit To The Place In July 2016

  • In the old days, we used to see that this hill resort had this four-star hotel, it also used to have chairlift and a mini golf course. It had a ski run. But none of these entertainments are available for you because all of these facilities and all of these recreational elements are destroyed by the miscreants in the time of 2008-9
  • It is heard and reported that plans are in the process to make and create these entertainment elements for one more time. This place is located at a height of 2743 m and that too above sea level. It gives us the view of the beautiful landscape, mountain peaks are there which are loaded with snow. You will see a bunch of green valleys in it.

If you want to see this snow and these magical looking green valleys then do not waste a single moment, visit this Malam Jabba site right now. Summer time is the best time to visit this place, in winters the roads will be blocked. Do not miss this chance and visit this site.

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