Jazz Budget Package Activation Code *301# 2 Paisas SMS 2.4 Minute Call

Jazz Budget Package is all here to make your lives much easier and a smoother one. If you want to have cheaper call rates, if you are looking for cheaper SMS rates then here is this Jazz Budget Package right in front of you. Just activate this package and talk for hours on FnF number of yours. Get this package activated and get as much fewer rates for your SMS as you can! What else you want and what else are your wishes?

Jazz Budget Package details

The Activation Code is *301#. Just enter this code and this package will be activated on your cell phones. You will be charged Rs. 2.4 per minute on your on- net and off-net numbers.  FnF call rates charges are Rs. 0.6 per 30 seconds, SMS charges are 2.0 paisas per SMS and you can talk for hours on 20 FnF numbers. There will be no subscription charges and this is the plus point of this package. If we talk about the validity of this subjected package it has this lifetime validity. How amazing and exciting it is!

What Jazz Customers think about this Jazz Budget Package?

  • We are sure that Jazz Customers will be loving this package because it has no subscription charges. Such cheaper rates related to call and SMs have never and ever been given by another network. But Jazz has successfully done so!
  • This package comes with a lifetime validity. So, Jazz Customers really do not have to worry that when this package lifetime will be ending. This package has come out as a blessing and gift for you. Take out your jazz sims if they are not in your cell phones and activate this package.

Jazz Budget Package Activation Code.4 Minute Call

Do try this Jazz Budget Package and share your feedback with us as well. If more interesting and cheaper packages will be announced by Jazz, we will share them.

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