Eid Ul Azha Date 2022 In Pakistan National Holidays Of Eid Ul Adha

Eid ul Azha date 2022 in Pakistan is 10 July 2022. On this date, this Eid will be celebrated in Pakistan. This Eid is also called with the name of Sacrifice Feast. This eid honors and give tribute to the willingness of Hazrat Ibrahim because they agreed to give sacrifice of his son for the sake of love of Allah. It was because of Hazrat Ibrahim obedience and love towards Allah that he agreed to give his son life in the path of Allah. so have Eid Ul Azha Date In Pakistan at this page

God gave him this command and order and without thinking and making his mind got ready to sacrifice his beloved son. When he was about to give sacrifice of his son then Allah immediately send Angel Jibrail and that angel send and placed a sheep in the place of Hazrat Ibrahim son. so get the Eid Ul Azha Date In Pakistan at this  page

During this commemoration, that animal was sacrificed and it was divided into 3 parts. One third of the part was given to family, second part is given to friends and also to neighbors and then remaining 3rd part of meat is given to community of poor people.

Eid Ul Azha Date 2022 In Pakistan National Holidays Of Eid Ul Adha

It is on the 10th day of Zilhajj that this Eid ul Azha takes place. This Eid is followed by a prayer session and then by a sermon. All of men and women, and also children, they are expected and they should dress nicely on this Eid. This eid is for all of affluent Muslims who can actually afford to give sacrifice of their bought animals.

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If you can afford to buy animals then you should give sacrifice of animals on this Eid ul Azha. You can buy a cow or a camel, you can buy a goat or a sheep, you can even buy ram. It is the halal way of giving sacrifice of your animals in the path of Allah. It is estimated that in our country Pakistan, about and nearly 10 million animals are being slaughtered on each single Eid ul Azha.

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This meat which will be taken from these sacrificed animals, it is divided into 3 sections and parts.  It is one of regular charitable kind of practices which is followed by Muslim community on each and every Eid al-Adha. Note that Hajj is as well performed before the eve of Eid ul Adha.

So celebrate this Eid ul Azha and celebrate it with poor and needy people, with your friends and family, with your neighbours.

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