Islamic Girls Names Shia Muslim Baby Girl Names In Urdu

From here, you can have a look at the names of Islamic Girls Names Shia Muslim Baby Girl Names In Urdu. For the information, all of these names are purely and wholly Islamic Girls names. If you have baby daughters,shia baby girl names if you have baby girls in your families and you have not finalize their names then you can take help from these names shia girl names. These are Shia muslim names of Girls. You will like all of these names for sure. We have mentioned the names and their meanings too. Below is the list of these Islamic Girls names:

  • Areeka Batool: Arasta. Auj Zahra: oonchai. Umma Batool: ummat. Ammara batool: Hukam denay wali. Ajar Zahra: Sawab. Anmol Fatima: Nayab. Beenish Fatima: Aqalmand. Parsa Batool: Pakeeza.
  • You can go for these kinds of names, Taqdees Zahar: Pakeezgi. Aks Zahra: Saaya. Qalb Zahra: Dil. Nawera Batool: Nai naweli. Zareet Batool: Nasal. Qazah Batool: Khoobsurat. Konain Zahra: Dono Jahan. Anab Zahra: Khushboo. Zartaj Zahra: Sonay ka taj. Zaqhar Batool: Chamak damak.

Islamic Girls Names for Shia Muslim Baby Girls

  • These Islamic names for girls are also widely and excessively opted, Aiman Batool: Mubarik. Basaat Zahra: Hosla. Sheher bano: Khatoone Shehar. Shahbana Batool: Shano shaukat. Sharmeen Zahra: Nazuk haya. Shafaq Zahra: Atfab ki surkhi. Saima batool: Roza daar.


Shia Muslim Baby Boy Names In Urdu


  • You will too like these names for your baby girls, Sadaf Zahra: Moti. Tayyaba Batool: Naik. Zile huma: Huma ka saaya. Aleesa Batool: Oonchai. Aafia Batool: Sakoon. shia girl names

You just stay in touch with us on this page and we will keep on telling you some more aboutt he Islamic Girls Names Shia Muslim Baby Girl Names In Urdu. It is the time that you should give some cute and nice names to your baby girls. You can take massive help from this list. All of these Muslim girls names are quite unique.

Girls Names Shia Muslim Baby Girl Names In Urdu

We are sure that these Islamic names will put a lot of positive impact on your personalities as well. It is your name that put a positive impression on your character and personality as well shia girl names. So, all the parents out there, take help from this names list. If we will get in hand more of the Shia Muslim Baby Girl Names, we will right away share with you. shia baby girl names

I have counted all names and explore that every name has its unique value in terms of islamic preachings. The best i can do is to dispaly all names on the effective approach. You are done with the variable approach to get different names in no time. All sorting is done here at

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