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Importance Of Itikaf In Ramadan Meaning Of Itikaf In English

In the Ramadan month, we keep on looking for ways and chances to get the blessings of Allah. Itikaf is also one of the best ways to get the mercy from Allah. Some Muslims perform Itikaf for the whole month of Ramadan. On the other hand, some Muslims perform Itikaf in the last ten hold days of Ramadan. In Itikaf, Muslims just pray to Allah. They ask for their forgiveness of their sins while praying. They ask for the blessings of their Allah. Itikaf possesses many of the virtues in itself.

What is the Itikaf Importance In Islam Specifically In Ramadan?

It is said by Hazrat Ayesha R.A that Holy Prophet P.B.U.H used to perform Itikaf on the regular basis. Whenever Holy prophet gets the chances, he did perform this prayer. During Itikaf, a Muslim keeps on doing excessive prayings. He does the recitation of Quran.

  • By doing Itikaf you get an increased and a massive reward from Allah. If you will pray in the ordinary days then you will get a single reward. But if you will be performing Itikaf then multiple rewards will be given to you.

Importance Of Itikaf In Ramadan Meaning Of Itikaf In English

  • It is said by Holy Propjet P.B.U.H that if you will perform Itikaf then you will be getting the reward of two Hajj and two Umrah.This Itikaf has massive importance in Islam. If you cannot perform Hajj and Umrah then you can do this prayer. Because Itikaf carried equal importance of 2 Hajj and 2 Umrah.

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Itikaf Importance In Islam Specifically In Ramadan

  • You will be protected from Hell if you will perform Itikaf. Whatever sins you have committed in your life, this praying will wash away all of your sins. You will be protected from the fire of Hell.

Itikaf is a special prayer, if you have been given a chance to perform this prayer in your life then you should not miss it. This pray has massive and multiple benefits.

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