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Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Facts About Life Character

Have a look at the 30 facts of Muhammad (PBUH) which each and every Muslim should know about them. Below are these facts:

Muhammad (PBUH) 30 facts:

  • For the information, Muhammad (PBUH) was actually the descendant of Prophet Ismail.
  • The birth place of Muhammad (PBUH) was Mecca.
  • His (PBUH) birth year was 570 A.D.
  • When (PBUH) was born, then His mother left Him, she died away.
  • He, (PBUH) was an orphan. His mother died when he was born and his father was already died before his birth.
  • When he lost his mother and father then it was the uncle of (PBUH) Aboo Talib and also the grand father of (PBUH) Abdul Mutlib who take care of (PBUH). Further about the Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • When he reached the age of 9, then used to go along with his uncle on some of the trade trips.


It was during these trade trips that (PBUH) got a chance to meet different people belonging to different religions.

He was named as The Trustworthy by the people of Medina.

  • It was during a trade trip when one of the Christian men told the uncle of (PBUH) that one day, this man (PBUH) will for sure be doing something great and also massive.
  • When he reached the age of 25, He tied a knot with Hazrat Khadija. At that time, Hazrat Khadija was 40 years old. Furthermore about the Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Though they had sons but those sons died right in their childhood times.
  • When Sayyida Aicha was only 9 years of age then (PBUH) got married to her.
  • This great personality (PBUH) never and ever had his food alone. All the time, he used to invite people to come and eat with him.
  • Muhammad (PBUH) had advised his people that they should always wash their hands before and right after eating their food.
  • He all the time takes care of ill and poor people.
  • Muhammad (PBUH) used to take permission whenever he enters in someone else house.
  • He did his home chores on his own, he used to repair his clothes and shoes on his own.
  • Muhammad (PBUH) never and ever praised the killing of daughters, he disliked the habit of drinking and doing rape. Glaring example from Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • When Muhammad (PBUH) was in the cave of Hira and angel came to him to read and write then He told the angel that he can neither read nor he can write.
  • Holy Muhammad (PBUH) preached the teachings of Islam to people.
  • He never used to teach people in an excess way.
  • Holy Muhammad (PBUH) used to have his prayers in an excessive way. He used to pray for long durations and his legs then used to get swelled.
  • He also invited the Kings of Arabia to accept Islam.
  • It was heard that Pagans and other of the Non Muslims gave harm to Muhammad (PBUH) but he remained patient.
  • His Prophethood has the duration of 23 years.
  • Holy Muhammad (PBUH) never considered his self as something divine
  • His name is the popular and famous name in this world.
  • After the death of Holy Muhammad (PBUH), Islam spread in most of the corners of the world.

Life Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Facts About Life Character

More of the facts will be told to you so stay tuned with us.

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