List Of Urdu Novels For Women Readers In Pakistan

It is a fact that book reading is one of the best habits which each and every person should posses. It is the best passing time for you. It let you explore the other side of the world. Here, we will only be discussing the novels that have been written only for women. Check out the list of these novels for women and do read them:

Top 10 Urdu novels for women In Pakistan To Read

  • Fasana-i-Azad, this master piece has been written by Pandit Ratan Naath Sarshar. It was written and compiled in the year of 1878. It is the best novel for women who are home makers and who spend most of their times in their house, who watch daily soaps and serials all the time. Here, in this novel, you will be able to sketch the true of its kind of Lucknow culture.
  • Umraao Jan Ada, it was written in the year of 1899. For the information, Umraao was in real person. The author of this novel is Mirza Haadi Rusva. This novel is based on fiction. The story actually revolves around the biography of a prostitute. This novel will also be telling you about the Lucknow society, its culture.
  • Godaan, it is written by Munshi Prem Chand in the year of 1936. This novel well sketches the miserable and disturbed lives of all of these Indian peasants. This novel tells us about the exploitative system.
  • Aag Ka Darya, it has been written by Qurratul Ain Hyder in the year of 1957. This novel received much of the criticism during its times. This novel had 200 pages in it.
  • Udaas Naslen, this novel has been written by Abduallh Hussain. Do you know that Qurratul Ain Hyder had also accused him on the charge of plagiarism? Yes, it is true!
  • Chakiwara Mein Visaal, it was written by Muhammad Khalid Akhter. This novel has also been recommended by Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
  • Raja Gidh, it was written in the time of 1980s. It is written by Bano Qudsia kind. This novel gives us a lesson that any kind of corruption can cause lunacy.


Do read these Urdu novels!

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