List Of HEC Recognized Campuses Of Public And Private Sector Institutions Issued

Higher Education Commission is itself learning institutions that allow many academic to grow in the best way. The Recognized campuses are doing the same way as guided by the leadership of HEC said. The leadership said that although business world is getting interested in education to earn profit but there should be no substitute for quality of education here in Pakistan. Those recognized campuses both private and public are liable to obey the same rule set by the leadership. The acquisition of good if not great education due to some reason here in Pakistan at least a primary objective of HEC. The quality of education is a consistent process rather a single way to determine the future of education in Pakistan. It is the way that should be achieved without any delay now.

The public and private sector campuses are in demand because both are trying to provide quality of education. The HEC is now focused on things more at public level as compared to the private level. The public level education is important and in demand as compared to private sector due to the high fee charged by the business mind administration. The demand for education at public sector can retain only when the HEC recognized campuses and Institutions would get the pace of quality at each level.

Now the policy of HEC for recognized campuses and public and private institutions is tight and it remains same because HEC is dedicated to giving the required quality education to youth. The competitions should not be the central point to think for recognized campuses because those institutions are about to provide the same level of education as they thought so.

List Of HEC Recognized Campuses Of Public And Private Sector Institutions Issued

List Of HEC Recognized Campuses Of Public And Private Sector Institutions

The competition is good for the students and parents because for students it increases opportunities and for parents it is cost effective but some of the HEC recognized private and public sector are disrupting the goal of quality education that is the ultimate achievement. The HEC itself involve in quality perspective, therefore, its most of the budget consuming at the quality of faculty research about the contemporary affairs here in Pakistan.

Pakistani Universities Ranking Under HEC

For example, now a day most of the budget is being consumed by the HEC on solutions of economic challenges in Pakistan. Although there is no direct link but it has a direct link with prosperity in Pakistan. The one of the biggest issues is culture or plagiarism that HEC is trying to eradicate with the help of HEC recognized campuses of public and private sector institutions here in Pakistan.

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