Fun Zone Water Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022, Adult, Child

Fun Zone Water Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022, Adult, Child information available here at this page to purchase as well to get the information according to the requirement. Fun Zone Water Park Lahore is another Public swimming pool in Lahore, Pakistan just like Sozo Water park in lahore but the ticket prices are lowest over there. Before the opening of the park there were videos on their Facebook page about the swimming and techniques while swimming because it is all about the right position at the right time. There are so many aspects which can deal with the swimming and the first aspect to justify the legs according to the pool. First of all move upwards en downward the hand so that you can beat the water flow.

Fun Zone Water Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022, Adult, Child

The next thing is the upwards and downward of other hand to do the same. After the hands movement, there is another way to show which is legs movement that is important than the hands movement. For instance, upwards and downwards legs movement may be special in approach and cannot get the idea about losing a balance in water. There is water resistance which can fulfilled the approach as per the nice way out.

Fun Zone Water Park Lahore Ticket Price

Public swimming pool means there is absolute way out to judge that how perfect measure it would take to get the idea about the pooling. The fin zone water park lahore is going to share about the adult and child ticket prices here at this page so that you can judge that either you should go the soze water park or this one. Adult Fun Zone Water Park Lahore Ticket Price 2022 is


  • Adult 200 Rs
  • Kid (under12) 100 Rs

Have fun. If you have any urgent inquiry pls call us on

0321 8371820.Fun zone water park , batti chowk Ravi road, Lahore, Pakistan-54000

One must say that this place is going to be rock in next few months due to the summer season pressure.

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