UET Merit List 2022 All Campuses Lahore, Kala Shah Kaku, Gujranwala

So get the UET Merit List 2022 Campuses Lahore in further read. Engineering College Admission Test(ECAT)is a compulsion to find admission in any reputable Engineering College like UET,NUST,FAST and so on.Basically,ECAT is a dynamic scale to weigh the capability of a student.Students who wish to become a part of renowned engineering institutes should take ECAT. In actual terms,ECAT is a subject test which comprises of MCQ’S from subjects like English,Physics,Mathematics,Chemistry.Subject test in actual terms evaluates student’s knowledge in subject.

Therefore, there are no prescribed contents for it. The procedure for ECAT depends upon the set rules of respective institutes.Thousands of students appear for this test every year but only few of them can fetch good marks and got qualified for public or private sector universities. Syllabus for ECAT is 30% from Physics,30% from mathematics,30% from Chemistry and 10% from English.

A number of questions and their weight age varies considerably.A prospect can prepare him/herself by going through different online ECAT test.He/She can also prepare him/herself by taking help from different sources like points which he/she jotted down during lectures of former classes,text books,group discussions and so on.All you need to do is hard work to achieve your goal. Along with ECAT former record of the candidate also matters.Scores for ECAT fluctuates from institute to institute. UET takes ECAT every year.

UET Merit List 2022 Campuses Lahore, Kala Shah Kaku, Gujranwala, Faisalabad And Narowal


  • Lahore Campus: 80.17045 to 70.01818
  • Gujranwala Campus: 73.20909 to 67.55000
  • Faisalabad Campus: 71.30227 to 66.90682
  • Kala Shah Kaku Campus: 75.62955 to 66.30455
  • Narowal Campus: 72.25909 to 66.75000


UET Merit List Campuses

Here is Eligibility criteria for UET Lahore/ ECAT is 60% marks in F.sc ( pre- engineering) or equivalent qualification. In overall merit 70%weight age is given to F.sc or equivalent qualification and 30 % is given for entry test. Duration for all under graduate programs is four years.The closing merits of different campuses of UET Lahore in different programs, for the last year were in the above given range. Further you can find with us your UET Merit calculator, UET ECAT entry test answer key and in the end UET ECAT entry test result

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