Quick Ramadan Recipes For Iftar In Urdu Iftari Recipes In Ramadan

This time 2017, Ramadan is coming in the hot summer season and time. It shall be starting from 28th May 2017. Many people are confused that what should be their iftar and sehri menu by keeping in mind this summer season. It is tough to make dishes and meals in kitchen when it is very hot. So here you can check out these Quick ramadan recipes for iftar In Urdu. These are quite quick to make and you do not have to spend hours and hours in your kitchen.

You can make simply Aalu ke kabab. They are lighter and can easy to make in few minutes. You only have to mash the potatoes and then add Garam masala, red chilli, black chilli, salt, egg in this mashed mixture. Then you can make round in shape kababs of this mixture. Fry them in oil. You can make bread roll as well. It is a lighter dish which you can have in your Iftar time. You can either add mixture of potatoes in these bread rolls or you can add chicken stuff, qeema stuff in these rolls. Once you fill these rolls, you can bake them for few minutes.

To make a club sandwich, you need to have boiled and also shredded chicken, some amount of ginger or a garlic paste. You need shimla mirch and carrot, some salt and black pepper.You will also need zeera powder and red chili powder, powder of garam masala yogurt and eggs fried to make this sandwich.

Quick Ramadan Recipes For Iftar In Urdu Iftari Recipes In Ramadan

Just add all of the spices in this mixture of chicken and make a triangle shape of your sandwich. You can further add slices of cucumber and tomato slices, and too lettuce leaves in this tasty club sandwich.

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Ramadan Recipes In Urdu

Make sure that you only make those dishes during your Iftar time that can easily be eaten and digested. Do not eat heavy dishes during this Iftari time. Have fruits and juices in this time. Take those meals and food items which are nutritious and easy to digest. We have seen that many people eat a lot during their Iftar time and in return they face so many stomach problems. You should have lighter snacks and meals when you will open your fast. Stay in touch so that we can more share quick to make Iftar recipes with you.

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