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Importance And History Of Shab e Qadar In Islam In Urdu English

For the information, Shab e Qadar is the Night of Decree in Islam. It is also called by the name of Laylat-al-Qadr in Islam. It is the night of power. People call it as a night of value. If you want to make your destiny a successful one, then this is the night Shab e Qadar in which you should pray. If you will pray in the last 10 days of Holy month of Ramadan than those prayings will be equal to 1000 months of praying. On this Shab e Qadar night, no matter how much sins you have committed, all of them will be forgiven if you will pray on this night.

Shab e Qadar- Holy Quran was revealed on this night

  • On Shab e Qadar night, Holy Quran was revealed for the guidance of Human kind. It is a special night because you ask for the mercy and forgiveness of your sins. It is a must for each and every Muslim to devote their time while praying in this Shab e Qadar night.
  • Shab e Qadar is the night that will be protecting and securing you from Hell fire. If you want to be count as a favorite human being of Allah then this is the night that will make you one of the favorites of Allah.
  • On this Shab e Qadar, Allah finalized and get done with the matters of Universe. He made days and nights on this nights. He sent Angels on the Divine earth so that they can also pray for human beings to make them find a place in Heaven.
  • This Shab e Qadar night is one of the Holy nights. It is the most powerful night because your life will become peaceful if you will pray during this night. You have to pray in a sincere way. If you want to get the blessings of 83 years prayings then this Shab e Qadar night can give you this opportunity.

Importance And History Of Shab e Qadar In Islam In Urdu English

Importance And History Of Shab e Qadar In Islam In Urdu

shab e qadr importance

history of shab e qadr in urdu

Allah has showered His blessings in the form of Shab e Qadar night. We should pray on this night.


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