Islamic Boys Names Shia Muslim Boy Girl Names In Urdu

Here the page explained shia boy names and shia girl names including as This is an interesting piece of information for you because here you can have a look at the details of Islamic Boys Names Shia Muslim Baby Boy Names In Urdu! All of these are the islamic names for boys. If you do have a baby boy and he is a Shia Muslim and you are looking for some nice and decent names for your baby boy then here you are! shia names for baby boy. These are shia boys names everyone like to have such

You can have a look at these Islamic names. We have attached and shared this list on this page all about boys islamic names. We have written the names along with their meanings. All of these names are for baby boys. You can also suggest these names:

Islamic Boys Names Shia Muslim Boy Girl Names In Urdu

  • You can choose these kinds of names, Rehman: Allah pak ka nam. Muhammad: Tareef kia gaya. Ali: ooncha and Buland. Hassan: Naik, Khoobsurat. Saas Haider: Jarr, bunyad. Armaghan: Allah ka nam.
  • Moving on with other Islamic names for the baby boys and they are Burhan Ali: Daleel. baseer haider: Dekhnay wala. Bilal Haider: Fatah mand. Takreem Hussain: Izzat.

Shia Boy Names

Islamic Boys Names In Urdu

  • You can too opt for these sorts of names for your babies, Arbaat haider: Raabta. AsadUllah Ali: Allah ka shair. Tehseeb Haider: Tamaddun. Saqib Ali: Roshan. Samar Abbas: Phal. Jarar Haider: Bahadur. About islamic boys names with meaning in urdu
  • Go for these names as well, they are also decent one, Jafar Raza: Nadi, darya. Ashtar Ali: Bahadur. Asbar Ali: Sabar karnay wala. Hamad Ali: Shukar Guzar.

Shia Girl Names

  • Hussain Raza: Husan. Husnain Raza: Naik. Sajjad Ali: sajda karnay wala. Sabt Haider: Aulad. Sail Abbas: Mangnay wala. Sair Ali: sair karnay wala. Salman Haider: Salamti wala. Shahair Ali: Mashoor. Shahmeer Ali: Khoobsurat jawan. Shawar Ali: Badshah.

So, this is all about the complete list of islamic names for boys from quran. We are sure that you will like all of these Islamic names. If we will get to know more of the modern islamic names for boys, we will share with you about islamic boys names with meaning. shia names for baby boy

Just stay tuned with us and we will share more of the variety with you with regard to these islamic names for boys in urdu. This list has sure given you the clear idea that what kind and sort of baby boy names you should go for! You should always go for that name that has special meaning encompassed in it.

Everyone wants to know about shia baby girl names. so here are just as much names as everyone would like to get. Every muslim in this world would like to have such shia girls name where everybody is going to make thing centerlize with the star of child. At the end we are going to make things clear about shia baby boy names through justified approach where things go straight in approach.



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