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Method Of Nikah In Islam In Urdu

In Islam, Nikah is a blessed and pious agreement that takes place between a husband and a wife. In muslim language, wedding means Nikah. It is a sacred and it is a holy social contract that takes place between bride and groom. Complete Method Of Nikah In Islam In Urdu is mentioned here:

Method Of Nikah In Islam In Urdu

  • In the first stage, the first step of this Nikah agreement is completed by Wali. Wali is the nearest of all relative of bride. Wali can be father as well. Wali is like a guardian for a bride and he or she will be appointed on the behalf of interests of bride nikah hadees in urdu for how to recite nikah in urdu.
  • Both of the parties from bride and groom side prepare theirselves for Nikah. This agreement takes place right under the supervision of 2 witnesses. Mehr is given to bride. As soon as bride will say yes and she will accept and approve her decision of marriage then mehr will be given to her. She has to say yes or you can say Qabool hai 3 times. After these Nikah proceedings, bride sign the papers and documents in front of two witnesses how to read nikah in urdu.
  • Those two witnesses also sign and they too attest those Nikah documents and papers. Imam will sign that Nikah document as well so that validity of this holy and pious agreement can be completed. how to recite nikah in urdu

Method Of Nikah In Islam In Urdu

  • Once the bride will accept the conditions of this agreement, both bride and groom will come under a pious relationship and they will be called husband and wife once the Nikah process will be completed how to read nikah in urdu.
  • When the bride and groom will sign these papers and Mehr will be given then both bride and groom parties say a little prayer for the happy married life of the bride and groom. After Nikah, walima or reception date is finalized nikah hadees in urdu.

This is about Nikah method and procedure. It is a holy agreement. Imam should note the eligibility age of both bride and groom too. During this holy ceremony, CNIC of the bride and groom, and witnesses are important too. Nikah copy should be submitted to the union council office of your society as well. Submitting this document and Nikah’s papers will make your marriage registered how to recite nikah in urdu. This simple method of Nikah has been followed for years how to read nikah in urdu. Islam has always created easy paths for the betterment of society. This Nikah let men and woman to come under single and same shelter according to Islamic ways.


  1. I want to aske if a man asked to a woman for nikah and woman says yes but there will be no one available there as witness then will the nikah happened

  2. I want to ask if boy ask girl for nikah on mob and she just hear kabool hai and replyed of that nothing else not even about meher and boy’s father name is that nikah happend??

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