Tax Return Calculator Pakistan 2020 Income Calculation For Tax

Information of Tax Return Calculator Pakistan 2020 is here. You can calculate about your income tax return and companies can calculate about their sales tax with the help of this calculator. Before paying income tax and sales tax, you should have rough idea about these tax figures. On website of FBR, you can enter your assets as well and then the calculator available on the site of FBR, it will show you correct figures and correct calculation of your tax return.

How much should be your salary to pay this income tax?

It is noted in Budget 2020 that Pakistan government has announced that individuals earning from Rs 400,000 till Rs 500,000, income tax and sales tax is applicable on those individuals and companies. FBR has launched their online system and online software as well.

From this online system, you can check out and extract your wealth tax return statements.

Tax Return Calculator Pakistan 2020 Income Calculation For Tax

If you are earning through your salary and pay, if any one is earning by giving his home on rent, if he has some side business, if foreign remittances come in his bank account then all these elements will be marked as his assets and income tax will be calculated on these assets which are mentioned in his E-enrollment account.

FBR website for your help and guidance

Your entire processing will be completed at the site of FBR. Starting from stage of E -enrollment till your NTN filling number stage, all processes takes place at NTN site. Main documents that should be shown and will make your income tax return procedure valid for you is through this Salary Certificate. Figures present on your salary certificate, on these figures your tax return will be calculated by calculator.

Income Tax Return Salaried Person Pakistan Form Download

Make a new and official email address and this email address should be dedicated to the Income Tax Returns and site of FBR. So NTN process and wealth statement process, e-enrollment process, all should be completed on time. Sooner we will tell you the date of your income tax and sales tax return.


Final date is not announced but it is better to complete NTN registration, e-enrollment process, filing process before deadline come. Do pay your income and sales tax because these taxes will continue and make it move the economic wheel of your country. More tax return calculator information is coming up.

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