Ramadan Recipes In Urdu 2018 Iftar Quick Desi Food For Pakistan

Ramadan Recipes In Urdu 2018 will be displayed here. In Ramadan people are very interested in different kinds of simple recipes. Recipes that are not too much time consuming. People are like to prefer simple and special dishes that change the taste after iftari. in 2018 Ramadan is in summer that means hot environment will cause of energy lost. People need the energy boster drinks and healthy iftari. in Ramadan certain dishes are frequently used that are fruit chaat, dahi baray, nuggets, chutney, samosa, pakoray, aloo kabab, keemy waly samosy and different kind of sharbat or drinks as Ramadan Recipes In Urdu

Pakoray are very important and delicious snake in the iftari. people likes aloo pakoray, chanies pakoray, chiken pakoray vegitable pakoray. There are so many variations in the recipe of pakoray. It is very easy in making and consume not too much time and also very crunchy in taste. In pakoray insert onions, aloo, basine, salt, red chlli, and fry in oil.

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Ramadan Recipes In Urdu 2018 Iftar Quick Desi Food For Pakistan

This snak are very popular among children. It is served with chutni and tomato suace. Keema and aloo samosa are also very famous snak in Pakistan. In keema samosa use keema salt, cilli, onion, garlic and genger paste make the filling and put them in the samosa patti and rape it around. Fry them carefully when light yellow color show. It is ready to serve .it is also served with tomato suace and green chutney. Dahi baray is very healthy dish in Ramadan . people likes to have dahi baray in special iftari. in Punjabi its called dahi bhaly under the Ramadan Recipes In Urdu 2018

Ramadan Recipes In Urdu

It makes in two process firest soft the bhaly and put them in dahi mithi chutney also included and enhance the taste. Nuggets is a snak that both kids and adults like to eat. It is very light and has no spice that is very healthy in Ramadan. Egg, bread crum, corn flor, onion,salt, black peper, oil, bone less chicken is used. It is very simple recipe. so many drinks are used in iftari like water melon shake, milk shake joses.

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