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Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography In Urdu, English Early Life And Death

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a world-famous humanitarian! He ran the Edhi Foundation which is the Pakistan largest welfare foundation. His date of birth is 1st Jan 1928. This greatest man is no more with us. He died on 8th July 2016 in Karachi. He is one of the most well-known social activists we have known so far! It had been sixty years since he run this Edhi foundation. He was the father of orphans, he gave shelter to poor women and abandoned children,

Abdul Sattar Edhi- the most respected man in Pakistan

He can be called as real one national Hero in Pakistan. He is the father Teresa of Pakistan. He told the media that it was through this 8 by 8 room that he started this charitable work biography of abdul sattar edhi in urdu. He asked for donations from all over Pakistan and people of Pakistan helped him all the time with open hearts abdul sattar edhi ki khidmat in urdu. With just Rs 5000, he managed to open this Edhi trust and later on, it was given the name of Balqees Edhi trust.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography In Urdu, English Early Life And Death

Abdul Sattar Edhi Biography In Urdu

Abdul Sattar Edhi- The mastermind of Edhi foundation

He has been acknowledged to carry out the largest ambulance service so far. He operates 1500 a number of ambulances biography of abdul sattar edhi in urdu. He is a saint for all of us, he is an angel for all of us. He is this belief that though people have become educated now they have not yet become humans so far. It was in the year 1989 when he got the Nishan e Imtiaz award. He had also been voted as a Person of the Year by Express Tribune abdul sattar edhi ki khidmat in urdu. It was in 2013 when his kidneys got failed. Then later on years, he used to do dialysis. He died at the age of 88. He donated his eyes as well. He was buried in Edhi village. He is a legend, he knows how to do humanitarian work!

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi is no more with us, he left us! He was a true Legend, he was a man of words, his religion was humanity. Such true men and such legends are hardly born. Pakistan and even this whole world will miss him. He came up with this charitable empire which none of us have created so far. He worked without thinking to get a reward. It had been a few months back when Abdul Sattar Edhi had a critical condition. Yesterday, he was on a ventilator and then he left us!

Abdul Sattar Edhi- the mastermind of the largest welfare organization in Pakistan

Yes, he is the real mastermind of the largest welfare organization working in Pakistan. It is with the help of private donations that he carried out the tasks of this charitable empire. He was such a simple man that he just needs 2 sets of clothes from him. He did not want to have luxuries in his life. He used to live in a windowless room that was adjoined with the office of his charitable empire foundation.  His room consists of one bed and just one sink.

Abdul Sattar Edhi- The man who saved the poor

He was the man who did something for the safety of the poor as well as for the destitute. He was the one who mobilized and convinced the people of Pakistan to give donations. Do you know that he had been nominated many times for the Nobel Peace Prize? He had tireless work in his life and now he has gone to sleep for good.

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi A Legend Of Pakistan National Hero

Abdul Sattar Edhi worked for the people. He was humble, he had a simple and an enormous and big heart. He will always remain our legend. All the future generations who are yet to come, this man and legend will always remain their source of inspiration. One should learn from this legend, he is the one who knows what is humanity real meaning!

Google Tribute To Abdul Sattar Edhi By Showing Life Timeline On Homepage

At Pakistan level, there were many activities the whole nation saw on the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Those activities included the Guard of Honor for him. The combined leadership was present at that time and finally, many things relating to the funeral of the most respectful person in Pakistan. The national-level activities are obvious because everyone can imagine it and should represent it ideally. There are real and some stories impacted at the international level and Abdul Sattar Edhi Story was one of those stories. There were many international organizations and international figures who actually speaks about Abdul Sattar Edhi.

But here I would like to show you the tribute given by Google To Abdul Sattar Edhi which shows the best way towards such a personality whose legacy would never end. The best sign in this personality is that he always talk about humanity and took Islam in a real manner.  Google is one of the first organizations that pay tribute to such level that no one dares to do about a Pakistani man. The best tagline I found on Google while searching about Abdul Sattar Edhi that one who inquires about pains of people in the whole world now not among us and now the whole world is again in pain.

Google Tribute To Abdul Sattar Edhi

Google saw many features consider him to show him on the homepage but one can say that the most famous feature after his death would be his act to donate eyes to blind person. It means that implicit meaning of such thing is to consider the same Edhi legacy towards next generation. I personally feel that Google may decide to show some respects towards this personality because it considers that person would never die with such positives features. The same thing Google may consider while putting a name and life timeline of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Achievements In Urdu And English Essay

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a richest poor man in Pakistan. His religion as neither Islam nor Hinduism, his religion was humanity. He is the only prominent and most acknowledged one Pakistani philanthropist.  He can be called as real one Noble prize winner. He is the most loyal social activist. He is a real one humanitarian. For the information, he used to be the founder and also the head of the Edhi Foundation. This foundation is in Pakistan. It had been six decades that this man has been running this organization.

  • He has been given the title Angel of Mercy! He dedicated his entire and complete life to help poor and the needy one. He was the father of all orphans. He is the real guardian and custodian of the poor community of society. His Edhi foundation is one of the largest welfare organizations working in Pakistan.
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi took care of about 20,000 infants. He had by far rehabilitated 50,000 orphans. He gave training to about 40,000 nurses. His welfare centers are 330 in number and they are giving their services in the rural centers of Pakistan.

He was?

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi came up with the idea of food kitchens for poor and needy people. He made rehabilitation homes for people, he gave shelter and home to the abandoned women as well as children. He set up clinics for the people who are mentally handicapped.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Achievements In Urdu And English Essay

Abdul Sattar Edhi Achievements In Urdu

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi is the owner of worlds largest and biggest one ambulance service. His foundation had by far 1500 ambulances in number. They are offering and giving 24 hours service to the needy ones.
  • He is the man who successful run free shelter homes and free rehab center. He ran free clinics and free orphanage houses. This man has only provided his services within the areas of Pakistan but has also made in the Middle East and Africa.

It can be said that Abdul Sattar Edhi was the version or you can say the exact copy of Mother Terese. It has been reported by BBC that he is the most respected man in Pakistan. He is a saint in real life. We will always remember you. You were an angel for us. you were a saint for us.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Passed Away In Karachi We Missed Another Legend of Pakistan

A big loss to nation happened on the 3rd day of Eid in Pakistan when I got a news that Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away in Karachi. There are many views, grief ways about the Abdul Satar Eidi just after seconds of his death but the first tribute given by Fahmida Iqbal Khan on my follower list by saying that “You are living epitome of humanity. She also explained that nation cannot pay you back for anything good happened to you for them.

The ultimate salute to Edhi Sahab a legend of Pakistan. A social media activities Komal Shahid was also my follower list who expressed her tears by saying that “we lost something irreplaceable today can’t describe it in words. After the death, the 6 minutes DAWN news got in action and publish a story of his death in a well mannered way to pay a tribute the personality.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Passed Away

Abdul Sattar Edhi passes away in Karachi at the age of 92 and today is the Friday night-another traditional night of blessings according to Islamic views. The kidney failure from 2013 was not the only reason for the personality to get panic but he was much aware of the humanitarian activities in Karachi.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Passed Away In Karachi

One can say that Abdul Sattar Edhi may get the intention towards the humanitarian services more than his health since diagnosis. The Best way to explain his service towards the humanity was his last example made by leader and legend himself. According to Fatimah Manshad FKM, a popular activist for Tahir Ul Qadri Edhi Sahib Donated his body parts.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

There may be no another way to express personality as compared to such denotation he made on the bed of death.  There are many persons praying for the Edhi Sahib after his death and saying that ” May God bless him with the neighborhood of Prophet (PBUH)”
Abdul Sattar Edhi A National Hero
This is what can a nation give to its legend because Abdul Sattar Edhi Passed Away In Karachi We Missed Another Legend of Pakistan.


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