Proud To Be A Pakistani Speech In English

We have a question that why we Pakistanis have been all the time been portrayed in a negative light across the world? It is a fact that we as a Pakistan are proud to be a Pakistani.We do not at all care what media has a perception about us. We are proud of being Pakistani, you can also know why?

Why are we proud To Be A Pakistani?

  • We are a desirable tourist attraction country. We are that kind of country that can move mountains to give our hospitality. We have magical mountains and valleys in our northern areas. Pakistan is a heaven kind of place, one should proud while visiting it even!

Proud To Be A Pakistani

  • We can face the giant in amounts of collective self- criticism. Though we criticise ourselves but at the same time, we love our country. We criticise our politicians and also sportsmen, we criticise our military. But it also happens that whenever we see them, they bring a smile on our faces.
  • We are a master of solving complex kinds of situation. When it comes to the ranking of skilled people then our plumbers and mechanics and electricians stand at the top most position because they have simple solutions of the most complex of situations.
  • Though it is a fact that English people ruled on us for two hundred years. They snatch away our cultural history and also our artefacts. But we Pakistanis still welcome them and that too with open arms.
  • We remain cool and polite in front of our neighbours, be it India. When it comes to cooler attitude and friendly approach, Pakistan stands out among of all.
  • It is observed on our country that we Pakistanis like to move on and on no matter what kind of situation it is!
  • Yes, we have the world’s top highest mountains which are above 8000 metres. We have hundreds of miles of amazing and unspoilt. We have one of the world’s largest deserts.

My View

Pakistan is our dearest homeland. It is our motherland. If one say negative about it then we should be throwing back an answer to that person. It is our soil, we will live here, we will die for this soil. Pakistan is a gift given to us by Allah in the form of paradise. We will aways be proud of being Pakistan no matter the whole world and universe will be against us. Our souls are pure and we do not want to give justification to any one.


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  1. I love Pakistan ??????????????????

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