Buddhist Shrines Buddha, Buddhism In Swat Valley Pakistan

We have seen that in Swat, this place and region is completely loaded with the stupas and Buddhist shrines. If you want to check out the complete list of that, we can provide you! Though it is a fact that this Swat region is famous and quite well known because of its valleys and peaks as well as mountains, it is famous because of its lakes and picnic spots. At the same time, this place is also popular because of the presence of stupas and Buddhist shrines in it. Check out the complete list of locations here as Buddhist Shrines Buddha, Buddhism In Swat:

List of locations of Buddhist shrines in Swat

Why should you visit these locations of Buddhist shrines in Swat?

  • These shrines and stupas like that of Jehanabad seated Buddha, Gumbatuna Stupa, and Ram Takht carries huge and massive historical value. People make a visit to these stupas because they want to know about the ancient and historical value of these shrines.
  • You should visit these Amlok Dara Stupa ,Elephant paw: Shahkot Pass and Tokar Dara Stupa- they are the magnificent one. Each and every shrine and stupa has installed and inscribed detailed information and facts about it. The stupas like Butkaram, Shingardar Stupa, Nimogram Stupa and Amlok Dara Stupa are reconstructed on a regular basis. These shrines are one of the important tourist attractions and people are more interested in knowing about their ancient details.


Your Swat trip can only become an informative one if you will be visiting these shrines and stupas. Share your experience with us if you will tour these stupas and Buddhist shrines. This Swat is a huge place, it is a different world and you need to explore it on each and every level. Explore its history and beauty.

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